Sheri Davidson

Sheri Davidson is a licensed acupuncturist and currently serves on the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners. She has been practicing for 17+ years, mastering both through real-world experience and in-depth study.

Acupuncture needle

How Many Acupuncture Sessions Does it Take to See Results?

Let’s get to the point. Acupuncture has gained popularity as a complementary and alternative medicine practice that involves stimulating specific points on the body using thin needles. This ancient Chinese healing technique promotes the flow of energy and restores balance within the body. While acupuncture offers a range of potential health benefits, the big question is how many sessions are required before they can experience noticeable results. Today, we will explore the factors that influence …

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Adaptogens food ginger, goji berries, ginkgo, turmeric

Adaptogens: Unlocking the Power of Nature’s Gift

An adaptogenic herb is a type of plant that helps the body adapt to stress and maintain overall health and well-being. These herbs are used in traditional medicine systems, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Research shows adaptogenic herbs regulate the body’s stress response and support various organ systems. Additionally, adaptogenic herbs have a range of other health benefits, including: Reducing fatigue and improving energy levels Enhancing mental clarity and focus Boosting the immune …

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Illustration representing back pain

The Ancient Secret for Pain Relief

If you’re looking for relief from acute or chronic pain, consider the ancient practice of acupuncture. Despite being around for centuries, acupuncture is still relatively unknown to most people. But with increasing scientific studies proving its efficacy, more and more people are turning to this ancient secret for relief. Let’s explore why acupuncture is an excellent option for acute and chronic pain relief. Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare used to treat …

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hemp seeds, oil and plant

Hemp & CBD: Taking it to the Next Level

The conversation about hemp and CBD has taken off in the last several years. With more and more people becoming interested in these products, it’s time to take the conversation about hemp and CBD to the next level. Let’s break down why this is important. Hemp products are incredibly versatile, with uses ranging from food, construction, clothing, and even biofuel. CBD products are gaining traction as an alternative medicine due to their potential ability to …

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a graphic of a rocket launch, acupuncture needles and an image of Mars

Acupuncture is on a Mission to Mars

Who knew that NASA was looking for an acupuncturist to join their mission to the Red Planet? Bill Redy, LAc certainly did! According to his latest article in Acupuncture Today, government agencies have been researching acupuncture as a replacement for heavy doses of medication during space travel. It’s time to boldly go where no acupuncturist has gone before. Today, acupuncture is one of the most accepted complementary and alternative medicines, but we still must prove ourselves …

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