Sleep Like a Pro.

Sleep Like a Pro. Sleep Long. Sleep Well. Americans are sleep-deprived. Here are some statistics for you. Seventy million people struggle with insomnia in the United States. In 2016, Americans spent $41 billion on sleeping pills and other sleeping aids to combat sleepless nights due to stress, anxiety, and other conditions. We are sleeping less than we ever have in the past due to modern technologies. According to research, most people need between 7-9 hours …

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Exercise and Fitness. Get up! Go!

Exercise and Fitness. Get up! Go! Spring is on the horizon. A time the world begins to wake up from the winter and desires to move beyond existing boundaries. Although it is important to consistently stay active throughout the year, February is a great time to talk about exercise and movement. I know you have heard this before but being physically active is one of the most important steps you can take at any age …

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Grapefruit and rosemary

Refresh. Reimagine. Renew.

Refresh. Reimagine. Renew. Well, 2020 is behind us. The transition into the year 2021 will not be a flip of a switch back to normal, but it can act as a mental closure to the experiences of 2020. We have been through so much this past year. Now, we can look forward to better times. I can not predict what is in store for us, but I know it is time for a new beginning. …

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