3 Reasons Why You Need To Plan A Wellness Trip For Your Vacation

Imagine sitting on the patio of your vacation cabin with a cup of warm coffee in your hands. The sun slowly peeps over the mountain range, and birds shake the morning dew off their feathers while singing a cheerful song that would lift anyone’s spirits. A light fog wraps around the mountains, reaching to touch every bit of life thriving there. The slight chill in the air gives a gentle shiver enough for a light jacket. A breeze tickles the trees, making their leaves shake and sway with soft laughter as the sunlight peeks through the thick canopy of branches reaching the damp earth. 

You are in the mountains, relaxed and enjoying the beauty with all your senses. Your inner conflicts are resolved. You feel alive, rested, and renewed. 


Have you ever considered planning a wellness trip? If you search wellness travel online, most likely, Google will give you a list of spa experiences in beautiful places. While these spa experiences can be healing, wellness travel is taking on a new meaning. 

Before the pandemic, more people started to see the value of a work-life balance due to the harmful health impacts of a fast-paced world, long work hours, and high-stress levels. 

As a result, they wanted to claim their lives back but still move forward in successful careers. Therefore, they sought trips that fulfilled wellness experiences with healthy food options, fitness, wellness programs, and nature experiences. 

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness sabbaticals were an up-and-coming wellness trend in 2020. What’s a wellness sabbatical? A three or more week trip with wellness, fitness classes, and healthy cuisine that is interwoven into a digital nomad workday. Sounds amazing! 

Then we experienced the big disruptor. COVID abruptly halted travel and exposed our collective health state and the value of our individual health. It changed everything. As we come out of the pandemic and travel booming again, it is predicted that wellness will be even more at the forefront of travel plans. 

This time with a slightly different focus. People are looking beyond the spa experience when it comes to wellness travel. They not only want to reclaim their lives but their health too. 

People are still seeking stress reduction and rejuvenating getaways with healthy food options, fitness, and nature experiences. However, they also want travel plans that help maintain, manage, and improve their health for disease prevention. 

In addition, People want to take more time and move at a slower pace to rest and connect with themselves, family, and the local community. They desire trips that are meaningful, authentic, and transformative experiences that feed their souls – intellectually, spiritually, and physically.


3 Reasons to Plan Your Next Wellness Vacation

  1. Discover a sense of purpose
  2. Grow creatively and intellectually
  3. Connect with yourself, family, and communities 

Will you plan a wellness trip this year? Where will you go, and what new experiences will you have?

“The only way to optimal health is to take of yourself everyday – mentally, emotionally and physically.” 

Sheri Davidson, licensed acupuncturist (Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin) and Duke Integrative Medicine trained wellness coach, specializes in preventative medicine. She loves sharing her passion for wellness living and Eastern medicine through her blog, The Wellness Inspired Podcast, and practice, Element 5, Acupuncture + Wellness in Rice Village District of Houston, TX.  Also, Sheri currently serves on the Texas Medical Board of Acupuncture Examiners

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Sheri Davidson
L.Ac. + Wellness Coach